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Google Adword Service in Australia

Are You Looking for Lead Generation, Increase in Sales And Revenue?

You have come to the right place. Boost Marketing can make that happen for your business. Our effective Adwords campaign will maximize your profits while keeping your investment to a minimum. We will provide the best Return on Investment you require.

Reach Millions of Buyers Worldwide

The internet is used by millions of people worldwide. That’s a big audience for your business. Don’t miss out on this huge audience and let us create an Adwords campaign that will help you gain all the buyers for your product and services.

We Are Experts in Creating an Effective Adword Campaign

Creating an effective Adwords campaign isn’t for everyone. It can only be done by specialists. We have highly skilled professionals who have successfully created hundreds of campaigns that were loved by our clients.

Google Adwords Management Service

Take your company to the top of Google instantly. Running a successful adword campaign requires a lot of skills and experience.

We will optimize your Adword campaign using Google Adwords management service to ensure that your website traffic is converted into buyers. We will make PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising profitable for your business.

Boost Marketing will create a Google Adwords management strategy through PPC services that will get you the highest return on your investment. No money will be wasted.

AdWords Express Service

Google Adwords Express is a great service offered by Google for those who don’t have much experience in SEO and PPC. We are experts in working with Adword Express and can easily manage and create a campaign for you. An Adword express campaign can be created very fast which in turn saves you time.

Google designed this service especially for the small to medium sized business models. It is great for businesses that have a low marketing budget and want to get out there in no time without handling all the difficult settings.

What is Paid Search?

There are millions of people who use Google to search their queries daily. When you search anything on Google, you will get all the list of websites and information on the SERP (Search engine Results Page). Here if you notice on the top of the page you will see results that have a small ad icon with them, while the results below them don’t have any icon. The results with the ad icons are the paid search results. Paid search is also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

If we place an ad for your company through Adword your company’s website will show the same way on the top. This is paid search. You will be charged when someone clicks on your link on the search page of Google.

Paid Search Strategy

A good Paid Search strategy is very important for any Adwords campaign. A good strategy will save you money while providing you with the best results.

Some important factors we use for an Effective paid Search Strategy are:

Good Keyword Research

The first thing we will do is find a keyword that will be the best for your Adword campaign. We can gather all the data needed like how is a specific keyword performing online, what is the search volume of that keyword and how competitive is the keyword. We can also find the paid SEO difficulty of any specific keyword.

Come up with a Budget

When we create a paid search campaign we will look for a budget that best suits you and is the best for gaining a good ROI (Return on Investment). We will find out how much money should we spend on the Adword campaign needed to display your ads.

We can set a daily Adwords budget in order to minimize your investment and in return get the best results.

Google Adwords Optimization

This is very important. The content that will be used in the ad has to be very catchy, relevant and persuasive. The contents job is to make your target audience click on your ad. The content is all that matters that will bring leads and traffic to your website.

Benefits of Paid Search

Instant Top Position on Google
A paid search is the only way to achieve the top ranking on a Google search page in such a short time period. Without a paid search it will take a lot of time and effort to make it to the top page of Google
Revenues can be generated quickly
With the right Adwords campaign, a paid search is one of the quickest ways to earn revenue.
Pay Per Click
You only need to pay when someone clicks your ad. This is a great benefit of Paid Search marketing.
Easily target your Audience
Millions of online users can be easily targeted according to their geo location through a paid search campaign.

Australia’s Top Paid Search Marketing Agency

Our experience and quality work has made us one of the Top Paid Search Company in Australia. Boost Marketing has achieved this rank in a very short time. We build relationships and our goal is to provide a good quality service in the best price possible.

Paid Search Traffic

If you need instant traffic for your blog or business a paid search campaign is your best option. You can easily gain traffic to your website by a highly effective customized Adwords campaign.


Can I protect myself from click fraud?

Yes, this can be achieved by applying IP blocks. A software is required that tracks the IP addresses of your website traffic. Accordingly click fraud can be stopped by finding the IP address and blocking it completely. This can be done for a small charge.

Why was I charged more than my budget by Google?

Your bill will in most cases not be charged more than your budget in each campaign. However, if you have an outstanding balance from the last campaign, it may be show up in the bill.

There are clicks from outside Australia showing on my Google Analytics. Am I paying for these in Adwords?

No. Google only charges you according to your target location and does not charge by clicks from users outside your ad campaign area.

How specific can I be when I target for my Adwords campaign?

You can target any area small or big for your campaign. You can target a country (or multiple countries) if you like.

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