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Keeping Up To Date with Google Algorithm Changes

Our job as a good Digital Marketing Agency is always changing because of our responsibility of getting businesses and websites on top of Google. Google’s algorithm keeps on being updated by Google to offer the best user experience possible. If we won’t stay up to date with these algorithms then we will lose in getting the top results on Google.

The strategy that we use today will not be useful tomorrow. This makes it necessary for our Boost Marketing’s SEO team to constantly stay in touch with these new updates and find out how they work.

What is a Google Algorithm

When anyone types in their queries to find answers from Google search, it goes through millions of relevant database and delivers the best results to you in seconds. This is done by Page Rank an algorithm designed by Google.

 It is a set number of rules or a formula that the Google search engine uses to find out the significance of a Website or page. Google uses this formula or algorithm to rank the results in the form of lists starting from the first page till the end. An algorithm shows lets Google how important a certain website is due to its popularity and many other factors.

Google SEO Algorithm

Many other criteria are evaluated by this algorithm that keep on updating and changing according to the latest market trends. This also prevents SEO specialists to use unethical SEO techniques to rank their websites on Google. This algorithm makes sure that only the top and high quality sites are ranked correctly according to their worth and actual position. Google crawls each and every website looking for the best results to show you.

How Google Algorithm Works

Google uses small programs known as spiders to rank or index your sites. These programs are designed to crawl the web, moving from one page to another and one link to another in order to find the most accurate results for users.

Google sends a little internet bug out in the web to search for your information and it comes back to your screen, all within a millisecond. Wow!

This is how algorithms do their job:


Crawling is the process of searching each and every site on the internet.


These are small programs or bots used to rank or index your sites.


PageRank is a measure by which the ranking position of a page can be determined. PageRank determines its ranking by using these tools:

  • Backlinks
  • Domain & Page Authority
  • Number of Words in the content
  • How new is the content

Speed that you get from a Google search comes from indexing. Google has a made an index of the sites of the net.

Recent Google Algorithm Changes

In 2019 we did not see any major changes in Google’s algorithms. There were only a few small updates this year which didn’t leave any big impact on SEO practices.

The March 2019 update made some changes to the way health and medical sites are ranked, while the June 2019 update improved situations where a website had more than two organic results appearing in the same search. Both changes severely impacted some sites, but many didn’t notice much.

Previous Google Algorithm Changes

As Google has previously shown, they’re willing to make important changes when they seem necessary. For example, Google’s Panda update was launched in February 2011. This update proved quite disruptive, aimed low-quality or thin content in search results. This update made to the SEO technique of keyword stuffing in each and every post. It now focused on high quality articles.

Another major Google update which came out was called Penguin. Penguin targeted the area where people used to create links using unethical spamming techniques. Link-spamming is a technique where a website could have hundreds or even thousands of links pointing to it from other low-quality sites. Google then changed the way it rated inbound links, so quality links are given more importance.

Both the Panda and Penguin updates significantly changed search results, and for the better. Websites that were of a high quality and promoted organically received a boost, thereby improving search results. To start getting websites to the top of these new search algorithms, our SEO team follows the updates and makes necessary changes accordingly.

Google Algorithm Updates that made an Impact on SEO

Here are some of the recent updates of Google algorithm in the past few years that made a great impact on SEO of websites.

Google BERT Update

October 25, 2019

This algorithm update is improving the way Google understands questions, to bring it closer to the way humans understand them.

The September 2019 Core Update

September 24, 2019

Google announced that a new broad core algorithm update is rolling out. This is a pre-announced update, part of those that are released several times per year.

The June 2019 Core Update

June 3, 2019

This update is part of the several broad core algorithm updates that are released several times per year.

Confirmed Broad Core Update

March 12, 2019

Google confirmed that a big algorithm update was released, designed to improve the overall results.

Significant Core Quality Update

October 31, 2018

Many websites affected by the August update saw further drops after this date.

Google Birthday Update

September 27, 2018

Google confirmed that a small update was done on this date. It is called the Birthday Update as Google’s birthday is on September 27th.

Confirmed Broad Core Update

August 1, 2018

Google confirmed that a broad core algorithm update was released, designed to improve the overall results.

Google Speed Update

July 9, 2018

Google confirmed that starting this date The Speed Update is rolling out for all users.

Snippet Length Increase

November 30, 2017

Google increased the length of search snippets. The new Meta Description limit is now 300 characters (previously was 155).

Other previous updates include Panda, Penguin and Rankbrain among the famous ones.

Boost Marketing’s SEO Experts always stay up to date with any new changes in Google’s Algorithm in order to help our businesses stay on top all the time.

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