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Boost Marketing is the leader when it comes to Remarketing of your business in Australia. We create remarketing strategies your audience will love to interact with. We analyze the audience and competitors and launch a remarketing campaign that will be highly profitable for your business.

We create adverts according to your company’s image and your customer’s requirements. Our years of experience have made us specialists in creating successful campaigns that convert into sales.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a very effective process in which customized and personalized adverts are created to cater targeted users who have previously visited or interacted with your website. In some cases they could not complete their purchase previously or maybe they already purchased before. With Remarketing you can attracts your lost audience back. This audience already has trust in your brand and a remarket of your products and services can convert them into loyal customers.

Targeting users can be done through Google and Facebook remarketing.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is a great strategy to use to promote and place your products and services in front of the audience that has already in the past purchased your services or had a look at your website.

Google Remarketing ensures your buyers or audience to purchase or interact with your business again.  These consumers or visitors already have trust in your brand so it is important to reach them again to make repeat sales by a Google Remarketing campaign.

Facebook Remarketing

Social Media is the best platform for any marketing campaign. In all of the Social media platforms Facebook is the most famous one which gives great results.

Facebook remarketing is the running of ads on Facebook to a specific relevant audience who has interacted with your brand in the past.

Boost Marketing will build a successful remarketing campaign on Facebook, which will deliver unique ads to your target audience in your niche.

Adwords Remarketing

Boost Marketing can create a good remarketing campaign using Adwords that will get your lost customer back to your website to make a purchase.

It is a great paid search marketing strategy that targets the consumers who had previously visited your website. These ads show on the top of the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Effective Remarketing Strategies

A good properly planned strategy is very important for a great Remarketing campaign.  Here are some remarketing strategies that we follow:

Identify your Top Selling Pages

This is really important. We will check which pages on your website are getting the most traffic. We will first link those pages to all our remarketing ad campaigns as to get fast results. We will setup our entire campaign around these pages.

We will use your top selling product and service pages to get you more leads and generate more sales.

Target Your Remarketing Campaign

We will target your remarketing campaigns to only those consumers who are interested in similar product and services. This will give you higher conversions. Not all the traffic of your website will be interested in buying from you. We can use a number of factors like time spent on site and how many pages the visitor viewed to identify the right target buyers for your business.

Apply Remarketing on Shopping Cart Pages

This is a great way to increase sales. We can bring the customers to your Shopping cart pages, who previously visited your site and were planning to make a purchase but for some reason couldn’t complete their transaction. Remarketing will allow them a second chance to complete their purchase directly from the shopping cart page.

Optimize the Ad Budget

We will optimize your ad budget and not show the ads to visitors who are new on your site and not interested to buy your product and services. Only those people that are previous visitors and are interested in your product and services will be targeted through our ads. This will save money and maximize profits.

We will target the new visitors in the second phase.

Offer Gifts and Coupons to Repeat Visitors

This is always a great strategy. Everyone loves free stuff and discount coupons. We will give gifts and coupons to the visitors who regularly visit your website. This will convert your visitors into loyal customers.

We Create Successful Remarketing Campaigns

Boost marketing knows how to start all the different types of Remarketing Campaigns. Some of the campaigns we use are:

Standard Remarketing
Standard Remarketing is used to display ads to visitors who have previously seen your website. With standard remarketing, we use your Adwords or Google Analytics remarketing code to track visit to your site and start building customers.
This is great for ads that contain products and services that visitors saw on your website. Dynamic remarketing is great for Ecommerce platforms or websites that have products and services pages. These campaigns are complex but can be easily handled by our team at Boost Marketing. Dynamic remarketing campaigns have very low (CPC) cost per click and high conversion rates.
Boost Marketing can throw great Remarketing campaigns when it comes to the big fishes of Australia. We know how to handle large websites and brands having a huge number of followers. We apply Enterprise remarketing campaigns for brands and large organizations to the audience who have previously visited or bought their product and services.


How is Remarketing done on Google?

This is done by targeting the specific relevant audience on Google through personalized ads placed through the Adwords service. You will need a Google remarketing code for this campaign.

What types of Advertisements can I use in a remarketing campaign?

The best thing about a remarketing campaign is that you can display many different types of ads easily on search engines. You can use text, video and images in your remarketing campaigns. The ads should be responsive and should be able to get your message across.

How do I start Google remarketing?

We will create a Google Adwords account for you. You just need to log in to your account to start setting up your Adwords remarketing campaign.

How much does a Remarketing campaign cost?

We can customize packages according to the sales and revenues you are looking for. It usually depends on many factors like in much time do you want results, what is the purpose of remarketing and many more.

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