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Social Media Marketing

Top Social Media Marketing Company in Australia

Boost Marketing will spread your business to every social media platform out there to convert it into a famous brand. With Social Media Marketing (SMM) we can easily target your audience according to your area where you want your brand to be known.

Boost Marketing has created many great Social Media marketing strategies for the high end companies in Australia. We have made many startups into brands. With Social Media we can generate leads, grow your sales, make your brand visible to your target market and find new buyers for your business, brand or Ecommerce store.

When it comes to hiring a social media marketing agency in Australia, Boost marketing is the company to go for. We have worked with the top firms in Australia and are recommended by many for our amazing work.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is simply the marketing of your business, brand, product or services on different social media platforms or channels used by millions around the world.

We work on all Social Media Platforms like:


We can take your business to the top through these platforms.

Just like a normal marketing campaign, a Social Media marketing campaign is also done using the same strategies and techniques but may differ in some ways. Everyone nowadays is addicted to social media and a good marketing campaign is very useful to target this large audience to your website.

Most products and services are now sold through social media marketing on platforms like facebook and instagram. Social Media Marketing gives businesses a chance to reach new prospective buyers and increase their visibility across the globe.

This type of marketing can really bring a great success to your business by generating leads and sales. Social Media Marketing has become a major part of any digital marketing campaign.

Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

No matter what the size of your business, starting a Social Media Marketing campaign is a complex job and should only be done by creating effective strategies that give results. Without a good strategy you won’t be able to beat your competitors. Some strategies we use are:

Identify your Business Goals from the Start

Every good social media strategy should focus on your main business goals.

Create clear Objectives for your Campaign

You marketing objectives should be very clear, achievable and relevant according to your business goals.

Understand Your Audience

Your focus should always be on your customer. Do a complete research on your audience’s age, gender, likes, dislike, education etc.

Research Your Competitors

Do a full analysis of your competitor’s social media profiles and act accordingly.

Develop a Content marketing Strategy

Use different types of contents in your social media campaigns like info graphs, videos, photos, high quality articles, catchy titles etc.

Analyze what tools and resources you Need

Make a list of tools and resources you would need for your perfect social media marketing strategy.

Track your Social Media Performance

Always keep time track of your social media performance on each platform in order to see if you are going as planned to need to make a change in your existing plan.

Our Social Media Marketing Plan

We follow a good social media marketing plan to give you the best results possible. We follow this type of plan for our marketing:

Choose Your Social Media Channels and Platforms
We will find the right social media platform according to your business and your targeted audience.
Create your Social Media Accounts
We will create and fill out your profiles professionally to get the best image from your accounts.
Determine a Posting Schedule
We will figure out when to post, how much to post and what time to post on your social media.
Analyze and test
We will see which posts are getting the best results at what time and which platform. We will analyze and test different situations.

Facebook Marketing Melbourne

An average person in Australia spends most of the day on Facebook. This is the number social media platform for your marketing campaign and business. We offer Facebook marketing service in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and all other cities.

Social Media Packages and Pricing

Our social media packages are custom made according to each and every client. Every business has different requirements and we will develop a package accordingly. You don’t need to worry about our prices because they are the best in market. We provide the best quality work in the lowest price possible. We guarantee maximum returns on your investment.

You can either choose from our tailored packages or let us customize a special package for you.

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How can social media marketing benefit your business or brand?

Social media marketing is the best way nowadays to reach your target audience and create awareness about your company or brand. You will get the visibility you need in the minimum time with the minimum price possible. Social media is much cheaper than other types of media out there. Results are very quick. It will help you build trust with your audience.

How much time does a normal person spend on social media?

Most adults spend at least 1 to 2 hours on social media every day. Teenagers are the most active on social media these days. This makes it a very good media to market on. You can easily target audience of any age on social media.

What are the best Social Media Platforms?

Well there are many platforms available but the most famous platforms having the highest number of followers are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube and Linkedin. These are the best platforms for any Social Media Marketing campaign.

What type of content should I use on Social Media?

This depends on the type of platform you are going to use and what is your target audience. Nowadays info graphs are very famous. They get the message across in a picture, which is easy and quick to read. Attractive and appealing content with good readability is always good for social media. You can share info graphs, videos, photos and your website content on these platforms.

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